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  1. Digitao says:

    It was far too warm for that coat, I realised about ten minutes into my walk. It had been raining earlier in the day and looked set to do so again, alas, I had not taken into account the warm southerly wind. My hair was having a fine old time with that.

  2. CliveK says:

    Hey there
    Arrived here via “You received this notification because Gerard Hodge was in a circle that you had subscribed to”…
    Temperatures here also eerily/disconcertingly warm and have been for several years now. In reality we’re enduring seasonal droughts…april 21-Sept 7 (or thereabouts) 4.5 months NO RAIN which took a huge toll on our big beautiful trees (Port Orford Cypress aka White Cedar). So-much-so we had to call in the urban loggers. https://photos.app.goo.gl/eAuUBT9BnCgeBNe76
    We now have but 2 of these majestic beauties still standing. Very traumatic.
    Yes good to hear from you too. This internet thing never ceases to amaze. -_Q

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