My Pal Robin

Good morning Robin

One of my morning rituals is to make sure there is enough feed for the wild birds in our communal front garden driveway. Over the past couple of years, I have been making a bit more of a fuss of my pal Robin, (that’s his/her name), especially during the winter and spring months by getting live mealworm from a local pet-shop. I was later than usual this morning so, expecting Robin to show, I got my phone out ready to video the proceedings. I can only speak a little Robin so you’ll hear me wittering away in English too. A paper bag blowing past nearly ruined our chat but Robin shouted a bit then came back.
It’s very difficult to tell the gender of these birds, the male and female being almost identical. I say almost because I’ve heard tell that the brown crown on the head is a “V” shape on a female and more rounded on a male. Trying to get the two together to stay still long enough for comparison is going to be a bit of a challenge, even for Chris Packham!

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